Infant/Toddler Program


Here at Kids at Play, we believe that educating your children as soon as they’re born is critical in their development. Our program provides activities and lessons through the Abeka Curium that are developmentally appropriate for toddlers. We teach your children all about the love of God, through basic picture books, music, kindness, respect, and most of all, love. We are role models of positive behaviors and words for your children.


At Kids at Play, we use the King James Bible as our guide to share and teach the love of God. We provide activities that will help stimulate their growth and development throughout all stages of life, which, of course, includes lots of play and interaction with them. We believe that playing and communicating with gestures, words, and sounds is one of the best ways to teach infants and toddlers to explore their curiosity. We also use intellectually-stimulating toys, musical activities, daily readings from different picture books, and allow the toddlers to crawl around, walk, stand, and experiment.



                              Conversing  with Infants and Toddlers


 At Kids at Play, we create an atmosphere of conversation with our infants and toddlers, by engaging them in educational activities on a daily basis. During circle time, we sing songs, we discuss the themes and activities of the day, we encourage the children to babble, and we use gestures as a unique way of communicating. We also have lots of fun with different musical instruments; books with both pictures and words, to encourage early reading development; and we build each activity around words and activities to enlighten our infants and toddlers—for example, encouraging our children to touch and feel the materials and objects in the classroom.


                                                           Reading Time


 We know that reading plays a significant role in a child’s development, here at Kids at Play. That’s why we read book with pictures, sounds, and objects that encourage our babies to touch and feel to establish a relationship between the pictures, sounds, and objects. During Reading Time, we use different voice inflections and speak slowly and clearly to babies, in order to convey the message—and also give them time to look at those pictures!



                                          Music and Movement


Not only do children love music, but it also helps them to relax their brains and create important spatial-relationship pathways as they develop. During Music and Movement, we play different musical instruments and types of music to make the day fun, exciting, and relaxing. We incorporate dancing, movement, and various exercises, during Music and Movement.


                          Free Play



We provide your child with a safe, clean, loving, and educational environment for him or her to crawl freely, paint pictures, color, and stand. Our goal is to support the toddlers’ individuality, build on their unique skills, and allow them to find their interest through exploring different objects and activities. During play time, we watch their interests build conversations on their likes and dislikes, as they learn about making choices. We teach them how to share, love, respect, and be kind to each other, as well as to their teachers. We enrich the classroom with materials that are developmentally appropriate, such as mirrors, mobiles, gym equipment, and brain-stimulating games.