Dear Parents:

On behalf of the staff at Beaver Brook Early Childhood Center, dba Kids at Play, we would like to welcome you to our center.  Our goal and intention for the last 18 years is to provide a safe, clean, healthy, and nurturing learning environment for your child.

 Beaver Brook Kids at play Early Childhood Center is a Christian based program.  Our program offers the children with daily activities that are developmentally appropriate and the love of God through curriculum, songs, classroom activities and routines. We are committed not just to the child, but to the entire family.

 A preschooler's world opens up in new ways as children improve coordination, learn complex games, and begin to interact more with their peers. At Beaver Brook Early Childhood Center, dba Kids at Play we introduce language, math, science and social skills to encourage learning one step at a time. Our staff also provides plenty of individual attention to support your child's unique needs.

                                                   Why Kids At Play:

Kids at Play is a Christian daycare center located at 59 Beaver Brook Road in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. We provide educational programs that are developmentally appropriate for children of all ages. At kids at play we believe that play is a significant factor in children development and provide the following:

  • Improves children's ability to socialize and interact well with others.
  • Increase children ability to develop self confidence.
  • Help children's develop a growing ability to plan and become creative based on their imagination.
  • Give children a sense of awareness about their environment and  the ability to use different tools to construct something meaningful.














VAt Kids at Play, we use the A beka curriculum, which provides excellent lessons, activities, and routines to brighten the education of children, from infants to 6-year-olds. With the A beka curriculum, each child is considered unique and is valued in all stages of development. The A beka curriculum unlocks children’s potential in reading, writing, math, and science, and instills excellent Biblical values.The A beka curriculum caters to each child and provides him or her with the skills needed to excel academicall.This program promotes oral language, print awareness, phonological/phonemic awareness, alphabetical knowledge, word recognition and vocabulary development.


                                               Gifted and Talented:

We provide specialized activities and lessons for gifted and talented children. We acknowledge that each child is born with different gifts. At dba Kids at Play, we create areas, lessons, and activities in which the gifted and talented can work on specialized skills. We acknowledge that every child is gifted; our goal is to bring out that gift and allow children to utilize it fully.