Our Mission & Philosophy

 Our mission is to provide children with an excellent education while sharing the love of God with children and their families. Kids at Play is a place you can trust because we believe that the safest place for children and their families to be is in the arms of God. At Kids at Play, you and your child will receive the best love, care, education, and nutrition in a clean and safe environment. Our teachers are well-trained and certified by the state of New Jersey, and will work with your child at all levels of development. this includes mentally, socially, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. Our program begins with infant/toddler’s pre-K, as well as before- and after-care programs, daily drop-in, and tutoring and homework clubs.



We do not insist on a long term contract because we are so confident that you and your children will like our program.


Your children are in a more stable environment because our caregivers rarely leave. They have made long term commitments to us and to your children.

Your children want to be with us because we have friendly, caring and helpful caregivers.


Children feel like the center is an extension of their home because they know all of the caregiver team.


Children naturally transition between program areas as they grow up because they are comfortable with all of our caregivers.


We’re not just babysitters. Children entering our center – even the infants- are grouped according to age and are exposed to learning activities through a curriculum that helps nurture their social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual and physical development. This is important because through age appropriate activities and curriculum we maximize each child’s learning potential

The owners of the center are the directors of the center. There is no corporate board of directors or franchise rules that we can hide behind. This is why there is consistent high quality and the final decision makers are available to the parents.


Have you ever heard of a child care center where kids cry when  they have to leave? Our children feel that way because they aren’t just cared for, they are loved. We believe that this strengthens a child’s sense of safety and security.






You say you love your children and are concerned they learn today? So am I – that's why I'm providing a variety of kinds of play.

You're asking me the value of blocks and other such play? Your daughter is creating a tower; she may be a builder someday.

You're saying you don't want your son to play in that "sissy" way? He's learning to cuddle a doll; he may be a father someday.

You're questioning the interest centers: they just look like useless play. Your children are making choices: they'll be on their own someday.

You're worried your children aren't learning and later they'll have to pay? They're learning a pattern for learning: so they'll be learners for always.

We use a variety of structured and unstructured activities and games to make learning fun for your child. Besides having fun each day, your child will be absorbing and learning all of the skills needed to be ready for kindergarten. Your child will anxiously anticipate school every day and will look forward to each new learning adventure.